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March 2022 GET IN TOUCH
In this issue:

As the Russian occupation of Ukraine has dominated the headlines, Jason Blackwell considers the impact of economic sanctions against Russia as he wonders Has the Whole World Gone M.A.D. ? Those who seek to align their financial objectives with current events will likely want to review Colony’s Sustainable Investing newsletter Investing with Values: Q4 2021 and consider how the Russia/Ukraine conflict supports a renewables infrastructure. We also share an uplifting new podcast with Dr. Craig Sable, who details his relentless commitment to global health.

This month, we also celebrate Women’s History Month. In Thoughts on Gender Diversity and Inclusion at The Colony Group, Chief of Staff Jennifer Geoghegan reflects on The Colony Group’s role as advocates for gender equality and financial literacy. Many facets of society work together to support the increasing level of women’s wealth. Politics, advancements in healthcare, better access to education and a myriad of other social changes have supported a woman’s ability to create wealth for herself and her family.

We celebrate the progress made in all these areas of society. Yet, we continue to hear a surprising number of women say they want to more fully develop their personal financial literacy. In 12 Reasons Women Need to Close the Financial Gap, we cover some of the myriad of reasons why financial literacy is important for women. Through initiatives like Her Wealth®, women can empower themselves to fully embrace their role as business owners, independent wealth generators and powerful mentors for the next generation.

With a significant increase in the number of women as primary breadwinners, we discuss some of the unique challenges these women face in Pressures of Breadwinner Women. Additionally, the pandemic emphasized the delicate balancing act of breadwinner women, many who provide childcare and care to aging parents, while maintaining a career – read on for Financial Sanity for the Sandwich Generation.

Today’s women enjoy more freedom and opportunity than ever before. Our hope is that even greater progress is made in the future and that the next generation enjoys a world with more equal access to financial literacy and wealth for all.

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